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Like the best work of fellow alt-folk faeries Sufjan and Joanna Newsom, Villager’s fantasy/confessional invades your personal space, winding in through your pores and exiting in a puff of magic dust.

Also on repeat: That Day, Set The Tigers Free – the whole shebang.

Download: Villagers – Becoming a Jackal ( Track) – MP3 (2010)
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Found where? NPR


“The maturity and agility of these compositions are perhaps most comparable to the presently-AWOL Sufjan Stevens, as orchestral flourishes, swish choral harmonies and aptly-positioned beats (provided by Ross Turner of Jape/Cathy Davey) elegantly wrap themselves around skeletal piano to together reach a concordant climax.”
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Download: One Day International – Miss Your Mouth (Track) – MP3
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