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“Obvious reference points are Apples In Stereo or the Flaming Lips, but frontman Mauro Remiddi’s vocals evoke the same wide eyed innocence of Syd Barrett which coupled with a slew of Beatles-esque chord structures and Beach Boy harmonies combine to construct a pervasive evocation of late 60s psychedelia which is nicely measured without becoming revivalist.”
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Download: Sunny Day Sets Fire – End Of The Road (Track) – MP3
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“Check the smooth yet hard groove on the title track, “You’re My Occupation”… If you’re into new disco, Chaz Jankel is like required listening. He’s not only an influence to many influential artists, he’s living proof that dance music can be timeless.”
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“It’s still Thomas Mars coolly killing a hook, and it’s still a bright, upbeat, and pulsing Phoenix rock cut. Take the hook of “Long Distance Call” and work some keyboard tones dialed to French electrohouse into the mix.”
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” …a loose-limbed jumping jack of a fem-positive pop song that sounds somewhere between Eno and Byrne’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.”
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Download: Animal Collective – My Girls (Track) – MP3
Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion

“Mantler is a pop project on the ever surprising Tomlab label – shot through with shades of Steely Dan, Burt Bacharach, mix tapes, Donald Byrd, 80s soul, shopping malls, and eternal hope in the face of everyday despair.”
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“Somewhere on a delicate pivot point between pop balladry and resolute anthemics, Slow Runner is the rare band that can mourn and bewail, then hope and ramble on, all with one hand on the blip-and-bloop button for good measure.”
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“The track teases with a keyboard drone before tearing into a relentlessly searing guitar riff backed by a danceable drum machine beat. The track’s undeniable accessibility is as confusing as it is astounding.”
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Download: Handsome Furs – I’m Confused (Track) – MP3
Handsome Furs  – Face Control (Album)

Download: Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks (Live) (Track) – MP3

“… like Sloan at their ballady best, Modern Skirts have crafted a mostly slow, mellow, and laid back album on All Of Us In Our Night that reeks of Beatles psychedelic ballads and colorful kaleidoscopic eyes.”
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“The maturity and agility of these compositions are perhaps most comparable to the presently-AWOL Sufjan Stevens, as orchestral flourishes, swish choral harmonies and aptly-positioned beats (provided by Ross Turner of Jape/Cathy Davey) elegantly wrap themselves around skeletal piano to together reach a concordant climax.”
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