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“…an early contender for the jam of Spring ’09, combining everything I love about the intensely soulful, vaguely psychedelic productions of dudes like Dilla, Oh No, and the Avalanches.”
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Download: Bullion – Time For Us All To Love (Track)
Bullion – Young Heartache (EP)


“Like a more mellow Daft Punk or Justice, Happy Up Here, replete with sparsely place processed vocals, is another fine example of the sound Röyksopp have honed over the last ten years and easily up there with their best.”
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Download: Röyksopp – Happy Up Here (Track) – MP3
Buy: Röyksopp – Junior (Album)

“We don’t have much to compare them to, we’ll be the first to admit, but who is willing to go on the record as being against spooky and taut no-wave disco-punk from another planet? From the synth sighs to the vocals, barked like a premonition of impending and irreversible doom, “Satan Highway” is exactly right.”
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Download: Eagle Boston – Satan Highway (Track) – MP3
Selected + Collected: An eMusic Selects Compilation (Album)