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“The best political dance number you’ll hear all year.”
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Download: Bow to the Middle Religion of Politics (Track) – The Rosebuds – MP3
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The days are getting longer, the chill is disappearing from the air and the corners of our mouths are beginning to point skywards rather than floorwards. But the End of Winter Good and Proper arrives when you discover the album that will become your summer soundtrack.

Naming your band an unpronouncable symbol or series thereof is undeniably wanky. But we’ll forgive !!! (apparently pronounced Chk Chk Chk) because their latest album ‘Myth Takes’ is an unpretentious psychadelic rock/techno/funk hybrid that will have you cutting a rug from start to finish.  Best enjoyed turned up thumpingly loud with the lights dimmed.

Start with ‘Heart of Hearts’: