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“…an early contender for the jam of Spring ’09, combining everything I love about the intensely soulful, vaguely psychedelic productions of dudes like Dilla, Oh No, and the Avalanches.”
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Download: Bullion – Time For Us All To Love (Track)
Bullion – Young Heartache (EP)

“Check the smooth yet hard groove on the title track, “You’re My Occupation”… If you’re into new disco, Chaz Jankel is like required listening. He’s not only an influence to many influential artists, he’s living proof that dance music can be timeless.”
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Download: Chaz Jankel – You’re My Occupation (Track) – MP3
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“We don’t have much to compare them to, we’ll be the first to admit, but who is willing to go on the record as being against spooky and taut no-wave disco-punk from another planet? From the synth sighs to the vocals, barked like a premonition of impending and irreversible doom, “Satan Highway” is exactly right.”
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Download: Eagle Boston – Satan Highway (Track) – MP3
Selected + Collected: An eMusic Selects Compilation (Album)

“Rich Doors starts with clanging Hot 97 percussion and shape-shifting electronics, then drags the whole thing through drifting, effects-soaked translucence.”
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Download: NewVillager – Rich Doors (Track) – MP3
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“‘Beach Baby’ has Vernon deliver in high falsetto with a steel guitar and a voice all a flutter as lap steel adds a touch of wistfulness like the passing of summer or a seaside town out of season…”
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Download: Bon Iver – Beach Baby (Track) – MP3
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“Going Back To My Roots … became a very popular dance tune on the emerging House Music scene some eight years, after it’s initial release.”
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Download: Richie Havens – Going Back To My Roots (Track) – MP3
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“That’s Us/Wild Combination”, is equally as memorable, introducing a melody in the first seconds and then abandoning it, only having it reappear later in the piece triumphantly merging with the song. Light and airy, the song typifies Russell at his best, weaving in between the sound of his own voice and the disease that was slowly killing him.”
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Download: Arthur Russell – That’s Us/Wild Combination (Track) – MP3
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“Synth-savoring Brooklyn indie-poppers Au Revoir Simone add smoky, yearning vocals to make the original’s strobe-lit new rave more like the sultry Kylie Minogue nu-pop hit that was hiding beneath all those DFA-style cowbells.”
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Download: Paris – Friendly Fires (Featuring Au Revoir Simone) (Aeroplane Remix) (Track) – MP3

” …there’s no denying the cold wave of sound that breaks from the stage whenever they play, for example at Adventures Close to Home last month, and the heat generated by their four demos, which remind us of the Human League after the girls joined, or Depeche Mode after Vince Clarke left.

Download: You Came Out (Track) – We Have Band – MP3

“Empire of the Sun is the latest project from Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore; aka the bare chested self-flagellating one from psych-poppers Sleepy Jackson and the…bare chested self-flagellating one from psych-poppers PNAU. It’s a union written in the stars.”

Download: We Are The People (Track) – Empire of the Sun – MP3
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