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“Check the smooth yet hard groove on the title track, “You’re My Occupation”… If you’re into new disco, Chaz Jankel is like required listening. He’s not only an influence to many influential artists, he’s living proof that dance music can be timeless.”
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Download: Chaz Jankel – You’re My Occupation (Track) – MP3
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“…[Jim Reeves’] songs were remarkable for their simple elegance highlighted by his rich light baritone voice.”
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Download: Jim Reeves – Welcome To My World (Track) – MP3
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“Going Back To My Roots … became a very popular dance tune on the emerging House Music scene some eight years, after it’s initial release.”
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Download: Richie Havens – Going Back To My Roots (Track) – MP3
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“… cruise down the street with your arm out the window cranking “Karen,” in which Forster raves his adoration of the librarian, somehow channeling Jonathan Richman and Patti Smith at once.”
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Download: The Go-Betweens – Karen (Track) – MP3
Buy: The Go-Betweens – 78’til 79: The Lost Album (Album)

“The first single, “Strange Overtones,” is classic meets current – the filtered synthesizers are in place, the funky layered beats are thumping, and the guitars are screaming… when these guys get together it’s the culmination of two of the world’s most consistent and important innovators – “Strange Overtones” is hopefully only the beginning.”

Download: David Byrne and Brian Eno – Strange Overtones – MP3
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“Albarn… produces the opening track…  wrapping Mariam’s high-pitched sing-song vocal in a shimmering string-led arrangement that falls somewhere between Eighties synth-pop and classic French chanson.”

Download: Amadou and Mariam – Sabali (Track) – MP3
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