Lipsynchsuck is about quality, not quantity.

I only post songs that I really like and have on repeat. I don’t write huge posts because I can’t be bothered reading huge posts myself. What I’m really interested in is finding great, new tunes (which I’m in a hurry to do), and I’m guessing you are too. 

To help you ‘pan for gold’ efficiently, I try to provide no more than a sentence or two to sum up a song (including comparisons to other artists if possible) so you can quickly work out whether it might be worth a listen.

Behind many great songs, there’s a top-notch album. If you like any song on this blog, think of it as an entry point and listen to the other songs on the album too – you might miss out on some brilliant stuff otherwise!

And of course, the music on here is for sampling purposes only. Please support the artists by buying the whole album when a particular song floats your boat. Personally I like to use emusic, boomkat and 7digital.