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Twenty-year-old Colin Caulfield aka Young Man may have studied Grizzly Bear but this beguiling and considered folk-pop essay is no knock-off.

Download: Young Man – Just A Growin’ (Track) – MP3
Buy: Afraid you’ll have to wait until Colin releases his first mini-album entitled Boy – pre-order it on Kitchen Music

Found where? On See What You Hear when I was looking for info on Sin Fang Bous for my post. SWYH – great taste!

In the wee hours when you’re sprawled in a post-party haze pondering the prospect of just one more, it’s time to put on Kathy Ray.

Download: Joe Gideon And The Shark – Kathy Ray (Track) – MP3
Buy: Joe Gideon And The Shark – Harum Scarum (Album)

Also on repeat: DOL, Civilisation
Found where? The Stool Pigeon

Homebaked electro-pop with satisfying screechy bits – like eating a scorpion and enjoying it.

Download: Civil Civic – Less Unless (Track) – MP3
Buy: Civil Civic – 1 (5 Track Single)

Found it where? Last week’s Luminaire (old fave London venue) newsletter