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Harmonies that’ll shiver your timbers in the most wonderful way. (Essential listening for anyone with a Fleet Foxes fetish who’s heard them compared to Crosby, Stills and Nash but didn’t really know what that meant. Like, er, me. Don’t shoot.)

Download: David Crosby – Orleans (Track) – MP3
Buy: David Crosby – If I Could Only Remember My Name (Album)

Found it where? In Bullion’s recent mix for FACT magazine

Ter-riff-ic punk rock that’s as danceable as anything from The Rapture while sounding as Aussie as anything by The Drones.

Download: Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Anxiety (Track) – MP3

Buy: Rush to Relax, the album featuring this track, will be released on Feb 19. In the meantime, download the equally fantastic Primary Colours from emusic.

Also on repeat: (From Primary Colours) Inside Of Me, Having A Hard Time, Pitch A Tent

Like, a real one made out of paper called the Hindustan Times – no less! Feeling very warm and fuzzy (sitting on a shagpile Ikea rug in high summer).

Read the online article ‘Heard It On a Blog’ or check out the print (PDF) version.

Tame Impala – Desire Be Desire Go is the song the Hindustan Times journo liked so much he wrote about it (yeah, yeah old news to Triple J listeners).

So that means Hype Machine says ‘no’ but the Hindustan Times say ‘yes’. But respect to Hype Machine because they also say this which strikes a chord with this blogger: “if it doesn’t come bursting out of you/in spite of everything/don’t do it.

The Beach Boys carved up by one very funky precision butcher.

Download: Bullion – God Only Knows (Track) – MP3
Buy: This track is from Pet Sounds In The Key Of Dee which was released as a free mixtape – Bullion recommends you buy the original LP by the Beach Boys

Also on repeat: Say Goodbye To What You Want

Cantering, Dodos-style percussion in the opening bars makes you sit up straight but it’s the fluttery piano when you least expect it that’ll really knock your  mittens off.  One guy from Iceland made this.
Also on repeat: Melt The Knives, A Fire To Sleep In, Advent in Ives Garden
McCombs’ melancholic slide guitar and heart-on-a plate lyrics are guaranteed to make emotional scars tingle.
Also on repeat: Dreams Come True Girl (feat. Karen Black)

What an anthem sounds like now (you’d be forgiven for thinking it was Animal Collective).

Download: Keepaway – Yellow Wings (Track) – MP3
Buy:  Keepaway are unsigned so there’s nothing to buy just yet

“Her music is like going swimming in a lake at night”, says ex-boss Tom Waits, whose children she used nanny.

Download: Jesca Hoop – The Kingdom (Track) – MP3
Buy: Jesca Hoop – Hunting My Dress (Album)

Also on repeat: The whole album