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Only an Icelandic band on a mission to create a musical antidote to three hours of daily sunlight could come up with an electro tune this merry.

Download: FM Belfast – Synthia (Track) – MP3
Buy: FM Belfast – How To Make Friends (Album)

Also on repeat: Tropical, Par Avion, Underwear… the whole album!

The sort of song Kurt and Courtney might have chosen as a wedding waltz – elegant, Beach Boys-esque pop shot with dirty, hazy guitar and bitter-sweet lyrics.

Download: Atlas Sound – Sheila (Track) – MP3
Buy: Atlas Sound – Logos (Album)

Also on repeat: Atlas Sound – Walkabout (featuring Noah Lennox)

With its shimmering, orchestral opening and soul-bearing, lucid lyrics, it’s like Johnny Cash guest-starring on 50s Broadway.

Download: Richard Hawley – As The Dawn Breaks (Track) – MP3
Buy: Richard Hawley – Truelove’s Gutter (Album)

Also on repeat: For Your Lover Give Some Time (Track)

If the Avalanches had a weird uncle, he might have made something like this – musical cut-and-paste (catchy, unsettling) as you’ve never quite heard it.

Download: Chenard And The Sand – C-Side Girl (Track) – MP3
Chenard And The Sand – C-Side (Album) You can’t buy C-Side because it’s free. Its creator, Chenard Walcker, is an anti-copyright cut and paste artist – otherwise known as a plunderphonicist (word of the week!).