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…the looping effect on “Fire Ant” … Wilkinson sounds like he’s been doing this for decades with the ability in which he maneuvers the vocal “ohs,” the terrific snares and the inspired melodies.
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Download: Bibio – Fire Ant (Track) – MP3
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The opening trio of ‘The Fun Powder Plot’, ‘Hooting & Howling’ and ‘All The King’s Men’ is one of the best you’ll hear all year, comprising a number of genuine mouth-open, fuck-me-this-is-good moments.
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Download: Wild Beasts – All The King’s Men (Track) – MP3
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Like a ‘Stand By Me’ for 2009. There’s ample opportunity for finger-snapping and toe-tapping plus reverby vocals and gritty effects that build to a spit-on-the-microphone type crescendo.

Download: Family Portrait – Mega Secrets (Track) – MP3