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“The sinister build at the beginning of the song eases us into the chaotic roots blast that is to come, and when the song bares its tobacco-stained teeth, it’s hard not to get hooked.”
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Download: Deer Tick – Easy (Track) – MP3
Buy: Deer Tick – Born On Flag Day – Album

“The B-side starts on a more optimistic vibe, with the joyful & charming cosmic soul of “A Place To Go…”
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Download: DJ Day – A Place To Go (Track) – MP3
Buy: DJ Day – Got Get It Right – EP

Deebank’s porcelaine-delicate, classical guitar picking contrasts satisfyingly with the grimy, reverby vocal – think iron lace draped with spiderwebs. Add epic percussion and you have an atmospheric, timeless classic that simply gets better every time you listen.

Download: Felt – Cathedral (Track) – MP3
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“…a big, lovable whirlwind of excitable strings, an ecstatic chorus and one of 2009’s most happy-making lyrics thus far: “You with your dietary restrictions / Said you loved me with a lot of conviction”.”
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Download: Camera Obscura – French Navy (Track) – MP3
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“… musically, it’s not country at all but acoustic folk-punk with a banjo, a classic Femmes move to its core.”

Download: Violent Femmes – Country Death Song (Live) (Track) – MP3
Buy: Violent Femmes – The Very Best Of The Violent Femmes (Album)

“Blind Pilot is solid Americana. Think Iron and Wine, but not hipster.”
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Download: Blind Pilot – Go On, Say It (Track) – MP3
Buy: Blind Pilot – Three Rounds And A Sound (Album)

“…an eruption of styles that begins with the rasp and glisten of single ‘Black Hearted Love’ – a Stories From The City…-throwback given bite by the strangling chain of feedback throttling the chorus”
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Download: PJ Harvey and John Parish – Black Hearted Love (Track) – MP3
Buy: PJ Harvey and John Parish – A Man A Woman Walked By (Album)

“Obvious reference points are Apples In Stereo or the Flaming Lips, but frontman Mauro Remiddi’s vocals evoke the same wide eyed innocence of Syd Barrett which coupled with a slew of Beatles-esque chord structures and Beach Boy harmonies combine to construct a pervasive evocation of late 60s psychedelia which is nicely measured without becoming revivalist.”
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Download: Sunny Day Sets Fire – End Of The Road (Track) – MP3
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