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“… an urgent, pounding, almost bluesy anthem which shows off Florence’s voice to its very best advantage – swooping, howling, and whispering, sometimes within the same verse, she’s one of the best vocalists to be uncovered in the last 12 months.”
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Download: Florence And The Machine – Dog Days Are Over (Track) – MP3
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“… With its dueling lightning quick acoustic guitars and xylophone accents, it’s Nick Drake on speed but keeping all of the precious folk pop goodness.”
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Download: Shugo Tokumaru – Parachute (Track) – MP3
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“Synth-savoring Brooklyn indie-poppers Au Revoir Simone add smoky, yearning vocals to make the original’s strobe-lit new rave more like the sultry Kylie Minogue nu-pop hit that was hiding beneath all those DFA-style cowbells.”
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Download: Paris – Friendly Fires (Featuring Au Revoir Simone) (Aeroplane Remix) (Track) – MP3

“…there’s a certain regal quality to May’s whimsy pop, be it in the sophisticated arrangement or the noble approach to storytelling. It’s not pomposity, it’s entertainment at its finest.”

Download: Meet Me In The Garden (Track) – Dent May And His Magnificent Ukulele – MP3 

” …there’s no denying the cold wave of sound that breaks from the stage whenever they play, for example at Adventures Close to Home last month, and the heat generated by their four demos, which remind us of the Human League after the girls joined, or Depeche Mode after Vince Clarke left.

Download: You Came Out (Track) – We Have Band – MP3

“…as ‘The Narwhal’ gradually transforms its sinister, Rolling Stones mysticism into a heaving, QOTSA throb over several epic minutes, it’s hard to know which of them to gawp at more.”

Download: The Narwhal (Track) – Amazing Baby

“Moments of mournfully wailing acid-rock beauty (the violin-tinged opener “Sätt Att Se”) give way to gentler strains of classically influenced pop (“Målerås Finest”).”
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Download: Sätt Att Se (Track) – Dungen
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“Blitzen Trapper is just acting natural: The Neil Young and Beatles influences are laid bare, the quirkiness is now more tuneful than cerebral, and the band has surrendered to the basic human craving for candied country melodies.”
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Download: Furr (Track) Blitzen Trapper – MP3
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“The debut release from Boston’s Passion Pit is a warm and inviting collection of electro-pop that calls to mind popular acts like Postal Service while still blazing its own path.”
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Download: Cuddle Fuddle (Track) – Passion Pit – MP3
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“This dreamy blend of electronica, psychedelia and hip-hop brings to mind Thievery Corporation by way of Gorillaz, an enthralling, upbeat album with a dark edge that keeps it just this side of danceability.”

Download: Berries That Burn (Track) – TOBACCO – MP3
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