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Nic Offer working the stage. 

!!!’s live show propelled their music into a whole other dimension for me. Not due to pyrotechnics (Muse), arty multimedia (Arcade Fire) or a bikini-clad dance troupe (Goldfrapp). They played grimy, thumping, straight-up dance tunes and front man Nic Offer fizzed and spat with energy, charisma and er testosterone. 

His king-pin strutting and sweaty posturing was ridiculous but cool. Though he might not have a choirboy voice, his dirty vocal made a perfect match for the band’s rough ‘n ready brand of rock-funk.

Many tracks, like ‘Heart of Hearts’, improved with live treatment – drummer John Pugh sang the chorus and it worked better than the female voice on the album. 

Surprisingly for a newly popular band they chose not to focus on songs from Myth Takes, playing lots from their back catalogue. I was hoping they’d play Yadnus but it wasn’t to be.  Even though the crowd bayed for an encore, they didn’t oblige – a rarity!  I’d see !!! live again in a heartbeat.