A selection of new and old favourite tracks from bands that have recently released albums. Are they just hitting their stride? Did they peak early? Has their sound matured? What’ll they do next? You’ll need to hear the whole albums to make up your mind but these tasters should get you thinking.

The Shins
New stuff – ‘Sea Legs’ from ‘Wincing The Night Away’ 2007
Old stuff – ‘Young Pilgrims’ from ‘Chutes Too Narrow’ 2003
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Of Montreal
New Stuff – ‘Faberge Falls for Shuggie’ from ‘Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer’ 2007
Old stuff – ‘How Lester Lost His Wife’ from ‘Satanic Panic In The Attic’ 2004
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The Rapture
New Stuff – ‘The Devil’ from ‘Pieces Of The People We Love’ 2006
Old stuff – ‘Sister Saviour’ from ‘Echoes’ 2003
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Sleepy Jackson
New stuff – ‘Devil was in my Yard’ from ‘Personality (One Was a Spider, One Was a Bird)’ 2006
Old stuff – ‘Good Dancers’ from ‘Lovers’ 2003
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New stuff – ‘A New Name’ from ‘Myth Takes’ 2007
Old Stuff – ‘Me and Giuliani Down By The School Yard’ from the album of the same name 2003
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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
New stuff – ‘Yankee Go Home’ from ‘Some Loud Thunder’ 2007
Old stuff – ‘Upon this Tidal Wave of Young Blood’ from ‘Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’ 2006
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