My Luminaries, Electric Cinema @ The Spitz

OK, so we haven’t discovered the next Arcade Fire. Electric Cinema ceratinly sounded like the Arcade Fire in spots though, uplifting at points, engrossing and sincere. It’s difficult to know if a band has forgotten where influences begin and their own sound ends, or whether someone else simply got in first with a particularly distinctive sound. Either way, the crowd responded enthusiastically to their slightly awkward but endearing stage presence.

And while commenting on the stage geddup seems beside the point there’s something really two dimensional about all band members dressing in red and black.  Just because it works for Meg and Jack doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.

My Luminaries manage to skate a fine line between Razorlight wetness and originality and credit to them as they mustn’t watch tv or have ever seen an ad for the O.C. because one of their songs could almost be a cover of kiwi lads Evermore’s teeny television hit.  They do have their moments but it would be a surprise if they weren’t another band to run off the end of the build your own indie band coveyor belt (proudly sponsored by NME).

Five out of five to The Spitz though. Spitz (fellow Commercial St resident) we love you and your rehearsal-in-the-attic ambiance.