Support acts can sometimes be good, sometimes be a bit ordinary, and sometimes they can make you want to kill yourself.  Shit Disco could have been a really cool name if they weren’t so. Yep.  Think of a parody of The Rapture designed to cause maximum aural torture.  My ‘musicians’ ear plugs paid for themselves in that one agonising set.

And assuming they have a smidge of modesty, The Rapture must have been a little bit nervous (in the early days at least) that audiences would feel ripped off if they left feeling anything but, well. You know. But they lived up to their name in every sense. 

If I was having a big hoedown and I could invite any one band on the planet, The Rapture would be getting the call up. The audience – especially the lone Japanese girl in the minidress smoking that cig so theatrically – clearly loved every minute of it. As did the band. Especially lead vocalist Luke Jenner (wearing a pair of tight jeans that made him look like he had childbearing hips) who couldn’t stop grinning and hung around post-encore to touch-hands-kiss-be-photographed-with The Fans. The Rapture indeed.