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Playful, jazzy covers (yes, covers) of classics like ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ by Joy Division. Play it on a Saturday morn. OK so it was released in 2004, but better discovered late than never – non?
This Is Not a Love Song – MP3
Too Drunk To Fuck – MP3


I’d like to say I took this but dramaqueenraj did (thanks dramaqueenraj!). It was taken at the same show.

<10 word review

Fields: No stage presence. A kitchen blender on ‘Moderate’ sounds similar.
Brakes: Shun indie haircuts. Sang a short song about Dick Cheney.
Long Blondes: Fab live but I expected more attitude. Smiliness didn’t fit.

The Shins – Wincing the Night Away – Have to say that the shins are the fastest out of the blocks this week.  Check out Australia.

David Bowie – Let’s dance –   Video clip is classic and is actually shot in a real outback Australian pub.  Quite weird to see a bunch of dodgy old mates perched at the bar and David rocking out right next to them as though he’s really somewhere else. 

Bloc Party –  A weekend in the city  –  Pretty fukn ordinary on first listen.  Maybe it’s a a grower….

Brightblack Morning Light – Great chill out late night or Sunday afternoon stuff.

The Long Blondes – Someone to drive you home – It’s Franz Ferdinand with a hot front woman with cool lyrics. Played a cracker gig at the soon to be gone Astoria on Tuesday night no thanks to the keyboard player/backup guitarist who did absolutely nothing all night.  Shame about fields who were shit.

 The Electric Cinema – Reminiscent of Flaming Lips/Polyphonic Spree/Arcade Fire/Sleepy Jackson.   Good, not great, but worth a go.  Heated Exchange and Cut Down.

 My Luminaries – Jumping the Great White.  Good track. Don’t know about their other stuff.

As 1 April creeps ever closer, tactical discussions heat up about how to get an edge over other aspiring (but clearly less passionate and deserving) Glastonbury-goers.  

Fastest internet connections are being identified, redial and refresh teams are being assembled, and I’ll-take-you-if-you-take-me alliances are forming. These are sound strategies but they’re not enough to put you a nose in front of the other 30 million wanna-gos.

So we thought it wouldn’t hurt to accumulate some good Glastonbury karma by publishing a music blog. Surely the gods of the ticket draw will smile upon music bloggers? Won’t they?

*Link to Glastonbury registration website purposefully missing*